How To Bury Negative News About Your Company

Reputation is one of the most important things a company must focus on if they truly expect to generate a high profit, gain new clients, and maintain their current customers as well. This is specifically true when it comes to the way in which a company is represented online.

No company can thrive in this digital age without branding themselves online. This is usually done by establishing a top notch website along with utilizing social media to not only promote products and services, but to also connect with customers directly.

These days most consumers turn to the internet when it comes to learning more about a specific company they are considering doing business with. They will generally visit a company’s official website and then will read or survey any other information that is found. This includes reviews and news articles. If a consumer comes across negative press and articles about a company they are more apt to stray away from doing business with that company.

The problem is that companies are generally helpless to stop negative press. The power of the internet allows anyone to say and post whatever they want whether it is true or false. That is why more and more business owners are electing to seek out the services of an online reputation management firm to help them bury negative news.

Many businesses are not aware that they can easily bury negative search results by turning to a company like Bury Bad News. They are one of the leading companies that can assist a business of any type in taking bad news and reviews online and forcing them down lower in search results while generating more positive news and reviews to assist a company in truly establishing their reputation in a more positive manner.

It is estimated that a company that finds four or more negative articles about their business online in top search results is potentially losing an immediate 70% of their business. That is why it is of the utmost importance to bury negative press.

If you truly want to present your company in a professional manner and maintain a positive reputation then you must go out of your way to obtain the services of a company that can assist you in ridding the internet of such negative press and reviews. Otherwise you are likely to lose business to your biggest competitors thereby losing profits in the process.

Keith Mann Is Praised For His Entrepreneurial Success Of Raising Proceeds

The New York Post did a recent article on New York based entrepreneur and director of Dynamics Search Partners Keith Mann. Mann has been recognized with other members of financial services for raising a substantial amount of money. He raised over $200,000 dollars for the Uncommon charter school. His goal is to contribute o the future leaders of tomorrow and invest in their future. The funds were raised to assist the students in testing for the current school year. He works closely with low income students in preparation for college. Mann was the actual organizer of the fundraising event for Uncommon.

Often times, low income students don’t get the testing preparation and assistance they need for college. Keith Mann raises money for their preparation on perspective graduation. He proudly advocates for anyone interested in attending college. Keith Mann goes on to say that many minorities don’t finish college because they didn’t receive the proper preparation post high school, says the New York Post. He understands the importance of passing on practical skills that will help individuals at a college level and beyond. He has been highly regarded by the community for generously donated to the New York based charter school.

Keith Mann has been working for over 16 years as a superior expert in the executive search industry. Mann is the current CEO of DSP and runs the day to day management of the firm. He works with other firms across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He is quickly becoming a global success for international educational opportunities. He mandates well over 200+ clients each year and has a successful internal strategy that helps him build lasting professional relationships. He also has experience in the private equity industry. He continues to motivate students to want to attend college and he does active tours of Uncommon Charter School to monitor their success. He is well liked among his peers and many students across the globe for being an active contributor to the future success. Visit the official LinkedIn website profile for Keith Mann for more information.

How the IAP Worldwide Delivers Services to Its Clients

IAP Worldwide is a well-established company that is dedicated to the provision of administration of premises, sophisticated technical services, and international logistics services. The firm has currently hired more than 2000 well-trained experts that are distributed in various branches that are located 25 different countries. The business serves both public and private clients who it assists in solving complicated problems, which are mostly unpredictable occurrences such as natural calamities. IAP Worldwide Services as a company is highly experienced in offering its solutions and has the necessary skills to plan, manage, and carry out complicated logistical and practical undertakings. The firm controls, maintains, and operates military projects that have a size of a small city, amenities that are used by civilians, and research facilities that are movable. It is a leading distributor of technology, human resources, and administration programs for customers who contract it from different regions of the planet.

The company operates with the primary mission of offering solutions to the client’s complicated problems by using is ingenuity, reliable technology, and skills. IAP Worldwide Services perceives the customer’s goals as its own and commits itself to ensure that they are achieved. The firm is run by four major competencies that are crucial in ensuring that its mission is attained, and this are focus, agility, dedication, and capability. Various values are also used in managing its operations, and this includes having humanity and integrity, giving inspiring guidance, acting fast and responsibly, and the creation of affiliations that facilitate prosperity in affiliates, clients, and the society.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs in Virginia

The firm actively seeks for platforms through which it can make associations with suppliers and other organizations that share a common goal of assisting clients in solving their hitches. They have much faith in partnering with different types of institutions that can offer assistance in boosting the company’s value and it also appreciates the expertise and services that it provides to the to the customers. IAP Worldwide believes that the prosperity of an enterprise is not only based on the clients but also the society that surrounds it. The company is socially conscious and offers donations to various individuals and the community that is vital to its development.

IAP Worldwide hires professionals who have skills that can solve different problems. They combine skills and offers expertise, knowledge, and experience that makes an outstanding workforce. The company has various types of employment opportunities for professionals. It mostly hires experts in engineering, general management, logistics, accounting, finance and program management.

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Activist Thor Havlorssen Willing to Stand Up To Tyrants

The passion and dedication that inspires activists to work to change problems in the world often comes following a personal experience. Activist Thor Havlorssen is a bright example of just that, standing up to tyrants, governments and military officials around the world in defense of political prisoners. In this recent piece, the work that Halvorssen has done to shed light on the hundreds of issues and cases that political prisoners and protesters around the world are facing was noted. He has worked tirelessly, and within popular new media outlets in order to garner as much attention as possible.

Halvorssen created his Foundation, the Human Rights Foundation after his own parents faced political oppression in Venezuela. The half Venezuelan, half Norwegian Halvorssen based his foundation in New York City and has since dedicated his life to fighting for other individuals around the world. Along the way Thor has not only served as the Foundation’s founder, but he has fought on the ground, traveled the world to bring stories to the rest of the world, exposed corrupt politicians and met dissidents in all types of situations to be able to tell their stories.

As of right now, Thor Halvorssen and his foundation show no signs of stopping the work they do. After eleven years of bringing issues to the light, HRF has found its way through exposing those issues that are mostly ignored, but face off with some of the world’s most notorious dictators and oppressive governments. The types of cases that the foundation takes are ones that larger organizations with plenty of notoriety and funds ignore. Using the success of his group’s work, Thor now puts together a globally attended conference where the greatest human rights issues are addressed and mentor-ship happens in order to help those that are working in the field.

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Bustle Blogger Takes 7-Day WEN Hair Challenge for Limp Locks

Chaz Dean has been a world-famous stylist, especially popular with the Hollywood set. Most people now know him for his development of the Wen no-lather shampoo system. Instead of tossing sulfates and other harmful detergents into shampoos and conditioners, Chaz Dean invented a healthier way to wash and condition the hair and deliver volume and shine back to each strand, no matter what hair type one has. Check the page:
Bustle contributor Emily McClure has seen the YouTube ads with WEN showing off stars with great, bouncy hair. She decided to take a personal 7-day hair challenge with WEN to see if the special one-bottle formula could transform her sad, fine, frizzy hair.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner and kept a daily hair log with selfies to show her progress on WEN. As she washed with WEN in the shower, Emily noticed bigger hair and a thicker texture. After she blow-dried and styled her hair, she looked great, and her hair selfies show the proof that WEN works magic, delivering shine and body.

As Emily met up with her close girlfriends for drinks one evening, even they immediately saw a difference in Emily’s hair. She was happy they noticed shine and new softness, a welcome change from the flatness and frizz.

The only problem Emily ran into was when she tried to veer off the daily AM WEN washing routine. If she skipped washing her hair, her locks fell flat, and if she changed up the schedule to nighttime, her hair looked greasy when she awoke.

Emily concluded that for WEN to deliver superb results, you must always blow-dry and style hair after washing, stay on the AM wash schedule and not be so lazy when it comes to hair care.

Otherwise, Emily would like to try WEN again, sometime. Try Wen! Visit to avail.


Crystal Hunt Produces Her Own Path To Success

Emmy-nominated actress Crystal Hunt is a beautiful chameleon often taking roles that allow her to eclipse her prior acting roles while expressing her diversity in the varied acting parts that she chooses. Hunt can also add Executive Producer to her resume, producing her first feature film with fellow actress and close friend Dania Ramirez. The film, “Talbot County” falls comfortably under the Horror genre and is inspired by actual events. The story is set in the 1980s and follows six college students as they trek into the backwoods of Georgia to explore the century old fable of Emily Burt, The Talbot County werewolf.

Although Hunt has hopped into the producer’s chair, her love for acting is far from finished. Hunt’s first acting role landed in her lap at the tender age of 17, cast as troubled teen ‘Lizzie Spaulding’ on the CBS daytime series “Guiding Light”. Her appearance on the show would later garner her an Emmy nomination. That same year Crystal Hunt received a Soap Opera’s Digest Award nomination as well. Since then Hunt has appeared on numerous television shows such as ABC’s “One Life to Live”, and most recently “Queens of Drama”. It didn’t take long for Hunt’s talents to catch the eye of the Hollywood elite, thrusting her from the television screen to the big screen.

Hunt has worked along side other well-known actors such as Zac Efron in the family friendly movie the “Derby Stallion” and on “Magic Mike XXL” with Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello. Hunt has proven that she can hold her own both in front of and behind the camera.  Be sure to check out her official website for more.

Why Makari de Suisse Products are Worth your Try

Do you have dark skin and you would like to make your skin lighter for some reason? There are many men and women who would like to change the colour of their skins but they cannot because they are afraid of using products which would harm their skin and expose them to conditions such as skin cancer. This fear has been created by manufacturers of products which contain harmful substances such as hydroquinone. The products claim to lighten the skin but they in fact bleach it and expose it to harm.

With Makari de Suisse, you have nothing to worry about. The products are made of high quality ingredients which are natural. They contain ingredients such castor and Argan oil which are important for the skin in terms of nourishing it. The oils are essential for moisturising the skin too. Using the products when you have dry skin is also very beneficial as it revitalises it.

Those women and men who suffer from acne or have scars which are left behind by acne know too well that the damage can cause self esteem issues and lower confidence. The good news is that with Makari de Suisse products, the story can be different for you. All you need to do is buy their cream or lotion and apply on your scars. Within a several application of the product, the scars will start to fade and you will have beautiful skin which is flawless. They also ensure that any wrinkles that are starting to form are suppressed and your skin is left looking youthful.

For anyone who has stretch marks, Makari de Suisse is also the go-to product. It is used by women to counter the effects of weight loss and keep the stretch marks at bay. Any scars which you may have may also be removed. With lightening, you need a product which evens the skin tone and which whitens the skin systematically. For this, use Makari de Suisse skin lightening cream products and you will not regret your decision. If anything the products are designed to make you look and feel beautiful at all times.

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David Osio Implements a New Real Estate Invention

David Osio, a well regarded financial investment professional and the owner of the Devos Financial Group is well known for his ability to think of innovative and professional procedures and products that will cause a great impact in the financial and real estate world. In the nearly two decades that Mr. Osio has bee developing ideas for financial institutions, he has been able to effectively place himself in the position of his clients and deliver exactly what they need. Recently, Mr. Osio has been being discussed in the news because of his successful invention of a real estate tool that is said to be industry changing. By developing this real estate tool, Mr. Osio has successfully changed the face of the financial real estate market for the better.

As the leader of the Davos Financial Group for over ten years, David Osio has developed many skills pertaining to the financial and real estate business. For this reason, Mr. Osio was able to develop and implement a product that allows real potential real estate investors to view the return on their investment before an investment is actually made. Mr. Osio decided to create this product because he foresaw the benefits that it would provide to his clients. Many people are discussing Mr. Osio’s success regarding this product. .

David Osio developed a love of financial investment planning during college when he enrolled in several finical courses and became a finance major. It was during this time that the businessman committed to serving his future clients in the best way he could, and vowed to make life easier for them by using his God given skills to serve his community. It is for this reason that Mr. Osio prides himself on the development of this real estate tool and plans to create many more products like this in the future.

In a recent interview that David Osio gave regarding his successful implementation of the real estate tool into his working system, Mr. Osio described his excitement about the future of his company after this product takes root. Mr. Osio stated that he hopes to see more and more customers come into his company as a result of this new investment tool and that he is sure that this tool will serve his client base for a long time. David Osio has many hopes for the future of this new real estate tool and plans to release it for use in other firms soon.

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The DeVos Family Donates $500,000 To OneOrlando Fund

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer recently announced that the Amway owning DeVos family and the Orlando Magic basketball team donated $500,000 to families of the Pulse nightclub terror attack.

This announcement came through Mayor Dyer’s Twitter page on June 14th.

The DeVos family contributed $400,000 from their personal foundations, and the other $100,000 came from the Orlando Magic, which the DeVos family owns. All of this money went straight to the nonprofit OneOrlando Fund, which was set up after the terrorist attacks to help families of the victims.

On June 12th, 2016, Omar Mateen attacked the Pulse gay nightclub. Mateen killed 49 people and wounded many others before the police killed him.

The DeVos family resides in Michigan and consists immediately of Dick DeVos, his wife Elizabeth Prince, and their four children. Dick DeVos is the famous son of Richard DeVos Senior, who was the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos went on the expand Amway to become the globalized business it is today when he took over the presidency of the company. Dick DeVos also almost won the governorship of Michigan in 2006.

Dick DeVos is a registered Republican and a strong believer in the greatness of America. His classic book Believe! is now available in a tenth anniversary edition. This book details DeVos’s personal beliefs in God, America’s exceptional place in the world, and the free market.

Dick DeVos also founded his charity organization called The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to helping the community through investing in different educational and artistic projects.

Making Strides for Seniors with Medicare Advantage Plans

The Medicare Advantage Plan has seen a significant amount of growth over the last few years rising from 5.4 million in 2005 to 15.7 million 2014. This growth is likely due to the variability and improved services hoped to be offered through this initiative. The original purpose of the Medicare Advantage Plan was to provide competition between providers for better care of enrollees. With several commercial insurance companies to choose from as their PPO or HMO, individuals may indeed have access to better physician services and other care services through the Advantage Plan.

Though there are additional stipulations that members must adhere to. Medicare Advantage Plan members are still required to pay their Part A and Part B premiums. But they can receive additional services not offered to original Medicare enrollees such as as dental and vision physician services. Likewise Advantage Plan members may also have to pay for additional premiums and co-payments. But the options and variability may compensate for any additional requirements.

Medicare Advantage Plan members enjoy the option of choosing between commercial companies in their area that provide the best services to suit their needs. Instead of a one-size-fits-all that may be seen with original Medicare, the Advantage Plan in a way offers the best of both worlds. Compensation from the federal government for the help they need but the freedom and flexibility of a traditional employer insurance plan.

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InnovaCare Health is one such company that offers Medicare Advantage Plans for seniors in addition to their business of physician or provider networks to aide in the management of medical practices. InnovaCare is happy to announce its remarkable trend with Medicare Advantage Plan members. With a disenrollment rate that is falling significantly, 40% percent lower than the previous year, and a substantially high satisfaction rate, it is clear that InnovaCare Health is doing something right for Advantage members. Seniors with InnovaCare enjoy many perks such as access to specialist as well as specific Member Clubs in addition to any traditional HMO services.

InnovaCare is backed by a strong leadership with a history in healthcare. Its president and chief executive officer, Rick Shinto, M.D. has over 20 years of experienced in managed healthcare along with direct experience as president of Aveta Inc. an insurance company with experience in Medicare Advantage Plans. Along with Dr. Shinto is Penelope Kokkinides the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare. Ms. Kokkinides also has extensive experience with the managed care industry and government programs of Medicare and Medicaid. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry and previously served as InnovaCare’s chief executive officer in a past position.

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