The Securus Technology Company

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based, commercial prison Technology Company. The company presents excellent limited criminal justice equipment solutions that develop inmate safety, security, and expand convict custody experience.


The company offers services that are planned to allow law implementation cities and bureaus to combine, allocate, store collect, and envision inmate information during real incident occasions. This information is then used to prolong prisoner public safety, urgent situation response dispatches, and enhance portable law enforcements. Securus Technologies Company, in particular, offers the Securus Video Visitation. Securus Video Visitation is Public Safety Solution that lets family members, lawyers, public officials, and friends to plan and get into contact with a convicted inmate, through a video visitation session.


Securus Video Visitation is exclusively based on the internet and allows outside interaction with prisoners using a PC, Smartphone, or tablet. Securus Video Visitation has proved useful over some time, with much law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies relying on this simple but powerful technology solution. Securus Video Visitation has allowed unlimited openings to bond with an inmate through video concert attendances and sharing of Christmas, among other yearly events. These prisoner-family associations and relationships have been found to minimize prisoner recidivism considerably.


Securus Video Visitation gives family members the convenience when contacting or visiting their imprisoned relatives. About prison facility admittance, relatives can formulate provisions if to visit a convict on prison location or from the expediency of their homes using a mainframe or an Internet- facilitated cell phone device. These remote contacts or house family visits with their incarcerated members are mainly facilitated through the web and a computer’s web camera. Securus Video Visitation also gives onsite visits more convenience, where visitors schedule appointments in advance, reducing prison visit waiting times.


Before an Inmate Video Visitation request, clients initially present their electronic photo information and credentials to penitentiary staff that advice and limit entrance with regards to conduct visitor concerns. Securus Video Visitation has an ability to scrutinize and evidence live prisoner visits, which reduce confinement cruelty impacts.


Consequently, the Securus Video Visitation platform wholly combines with penitentiary administration methods ensuring that appointments are planned for in the present prison timeslots. Prison personnel use the Securus Video Visitation interface to quickly lock down inmates or control visits, even after the end of the standard visit times. This gift not only creates revolutionary investigative scenarios but also give prison personnel the convenience to handle the ever distrustful prison visitors.

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Fabletics Will Reach Every Busy Woman

Kate Hudson started Fabletics because she believed that it was the best way for women to find the clothes they needed that would not be difficult to wear. There are a lot of women’s clothes that are just too hard to wear, and it becomes a problem for them when they leave the house in the morning. It makes far more sense for a woman to find a dedicated brand that works for them when they have no time in the morning.

Kate Hudson has a very busy lifestyle, and that lifestyle on Adweek includes dealing with her children, business and working out. She works very hard to stay in shape, and she also has to be sure that she has spent the time to get her businesses going. She cannot spend all her time wondering how she will get dressed in the morning, and she created Fabletics to help.

These are essentially gym clothes that can be worn on the street, and it matters how a woman grabs her clothes in the morning. She has to save time, and that includes not paying much attention to her clothes. The clothes from Fabletics all fit together very well, and they will help women get dressed without any problem. They can easily get an outfit together, and they will not for a second have to wonder what they will wear. They can carry along other clothes they might need during the day. They can change in our of their clothes easily, and they will find their clothing far simpler to wear in general.

The comfortable fabrics and easy styling at Fabletics is the most important thing that women can wear. These clothes can help them look their best, and the clothes are all made to work as a singular wardrobe. The woman with not time can bring along new clothes in case she needs something else when her schedule changes.

There are many women who are counting on Fabletics because it is the only company that can help them get dressed in a chic way. The company makes clothes on for the gym that go anywhere. Every woman looks good in them, and they can wear them anywhere they want.

Unique Application That Brings a Ground up Change in Education

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started up ClassDojo application while they were in Palo Alto for a summer trip. To start the idea, they contemplated with teachers in California and the United Kingdom to identify the gap that they felt was left out by the typical class system.

Years later they started ClassDojo, a communication platform that teamed up students, teachers, and parents into one community. The collaborative effort was postulated to trigger a ground up change in the education industry. The application can be downloaded by Android mobile gadgets from Google Play and Apple store.

Lindsay McKinley confirmed that the application was widely downloaded by an estimated number of close to half a million users in a day. Despite the remarkable number of users, ClassDojo was competing against other education technology applications developed by FreshGrade, Nearpod, and Kickboard. To get ahead of the other companies, ClassDojo had a sales team was dedicated to expanding its application use to more schools.

Currently the application is used in two out of every three schools in US. To make the application marketable, ClassDojo Company raised an estimated $21 million to finance different application upgrades as well as its marketing campaigns. This implies that the funds could be used to grow their pool of experts and to add other unique features to the application.

Hemant Taneja, a managing director from General Catalyst a leading venture capitalist of ClassDojo, confirmed that some of the content features that could be added to the application include education materials that could be used at home while students were at holiday and a payment option for school trips, tuition fees, and other school expenses.

Meanwhile, ClassDojo has already been used by teachers and parents to communicate about a child’s academic issues that were usually discussed in a parent-teacher meeting that would only occur once in a semester.

In the same way, students used the platform to share some real experiences learned at school with their parents at home. On the other hand, a parent is able to encourage a student by sending back positive comments in response to the posts shared on the student’s portfolio.

ClassDojo’s founders attested that the application was developed in an easy to use design that facilitates its use among young students. Nevertheless, the communication platform meets all privacy policies and requirements, which makes it safe for use within the school setting.

The Power And Magnanimity Of Steven Murray

It was with sadden hearts when CCMP Capital announced the death of their co-founder, Stephen Murray who died on March 12th, 2015. Murray who grew up in Westchester County, New York, attended Boston College, where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He then attended Columbia University and obtained a Masters in Business Administration.

Stephen Murray’s career began at Manufactures Hanover Trust in 1984. He worked as a trainee in the credit analysis department. Soon he was promoted to vice president. In 1989, he was running the equity securities, debt, and leveraged finance department.

In 2000, J.P Morgan acquired Manufactures Hanover Trust. J.P Morgan created a new company, which is known today as CCMP Capital. It is an equity investment company that concentrates on leveraged buyouts and growth capital negotiations. Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

CCMP Capital has roughly $3.6 billions in investments. The company has invested in consumers, healthcare industry, and energy sector. CCMP Capital also has investments in Cabela’s Inc, Quiznos Corp and Warner Chilcott. The company is headquartered in New York City with other offices in London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

CCMP Capital Gregg Brenneman who is CCMP’s chairman, president, and the chief executive office said, Stephen Murray was a colossal investor and skilled deal maker and was appreciative for his contribution to the company’s success.

Murray who was also described as a brilliant investor by many of his co-workers and friends will we surely missed. As a Philanthropist, many organization benefited from his support and generosity, such as Make A Wish Foundation, Columbia University and Boston College, his Alma Mater, The Food Bank Of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford Museum, Legacy Hospital Partners, this is just to name a few.

He also served as vice-chairman of the board of trustee, at Boston College and many other large companies in the United States. Such as AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Food and so much more as the list goes on.

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Philip Diehl is Honored By Position

According to Glassoor, Philip Diehl currently acts as the President of the U.S. Money Reserve but he has also received another high ranking position. He has been named the chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets by the ICTAs Board of Directors. Diehl has a long and illustrious career in the world of finance and administration. He is the former Director of the U.S. Mint where he was highly valued and he was also the vice president of the ICTA which made him the ideal candidate for assuming the throne.

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets has the job of managing the United States’s supply of paper money, rare counts, and metal bullion that have precious value. Some think of it as a “watchdog” organization. One of their key roles as “watchdog” is to foster a favorable environment for the regulation of money in all its forms throughout the 50 states. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Inc. Review

Various state level financial institutions go through the ICTA to cooperate, consult, and confer with one another because it sets the standards by which they must all abide. In addition, educational and national governmental agencies take guidance from the ICTA because of its expert knowledge in all matters related to various forms of currency. Organizations face multifaceted problems that the ICTA can assist with.

Philip Diehl has already accomplished much in his time working at the ICTA. He led a courageous legislative effort in Minnesota. In this effort, Diehl reformed a Minnesota state statute from 2013. The statute created an unfair burden on people who used bullion.

Those most affected were numismatic dealers and their customers. Diehl recognized his problem because of his past experience as a state regulator in Washington. He took on the challenge and wrote new legislation and guidelines which the state of Minnesota wisely accepted. The new legislation crafted by Philip Diehl was finally voted into law in May of 2016 by Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton.

Philip Diehl has high ambitions for the ICTA under his tenure. He wants to increase the ICTA’s ability to serve its members. This will allow them to operate more smoothly as well as attract more formal members into the ICTA. Attracting more members is important because that will allow it to have more financial resources which it can use to provide expanded services to its members.

Philip said in a statement that he was honored by his new position in the ICTA and he looked forward to move the organization forward.

Mike Baur Helps Young Entrepreneurs Build a Foundation for Success

Many of the most innovative and thought provoking individuals involved in technology are young, engaging people with little business knowledge. These budding entrepreneurs form an idea and often have no idea of where to go from there. Some attempt a new technology startup company, but few succeed in building a strong foundation for their business to succeed. Mike Baur recognized that there was a need for young Swiss startups to have access to a program to assist with the startup of new tech companies with a unique network that improves their chances of success and helps them build their business from the ground up on a strong, sturdy foundation.

Mike Baur, along with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, co-founded Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) as a way for young tech startups in Switzerland to receive the support they need to have a better chance at global success. SSUF includes a large network of successful and experienced individuals with a proven track record who want to assist other entrepreneurs in the success of their business plans. Successful businesses all start with a strong foundation. That is where the SSUF accelerator program comes in.

 The accelerator program at SSUF is a three month program for future technology entrepreneurs who have exceptional ideas for global tech businesses that have a great chance of achieving success in Switzerland and around the globe. The accelerator program works to give startups a boost when it comes to the process of building their business with the goal of success in mind. Startups who are accepted into the accelerator program receive support for all aspects of building their business from the ground up. SSUF offers these budding entrepreneurs a strong network of mentors and investors to give the new companies the best chance for global success.

Individuals accepted by SSUF’s accelerator program attend the program in Zurich where they learn skills that teach them how to build their business and learn from others with experience in the field. The participants learn to set goals and form their startup as a legal entity. They receive exceptional support in the form of coaching, office space, financial assistance and a variety of services through the program, which includes five months of support after they leave to improve success rates. The SSUF is a unique program that is sure to improve the success rate for Swiss-based businesses that need a jump start to succeed.

How To Bury Negative News About Your Company

Reputation is one of the most important things a company must focus on if they truly expect to generate a high profit, gain new clients, and maintain their current customers as well. This is specifically true when it comes to the way in which a company is represented online.

No company can thrive in this digital age without branding themselves online. This is usually done by establishing a top notch website along with utilizing social media to not only promote products and services, but to also connect with customers directly.

These days most consumers turn to the internet when it comes to learning more about a specific company they are considering doing business with. They will generally visit a company’s official website and then will read or survey any other information that is found. This includes reviews and news articles. If a consumer comes across negative press and articles about a company they are more apt to stray away from doing business with that company.

The problem is that companies are generally helpless to stop negative press. The power of the internet allows anyone to say and post whatever they want whether it is true or false. That is why more and more business owners are electing to seek out the services of an online reputation management firm to help them bury negative news.

Many businesses are not aware that they can easily bury negative search results by turning to a company like Bury Bad News. They are one of the leading companies that can assist a business of any type in taking bad news and reviews online and forcing them down lower in search results while generating more positive news and reviews to assist a company in truly establishing their reputation in a more positive manner.

It is estimated that a company that finds four or more negative articles about their business online in top search results is potentially losing an immediate 70% of their business. That is why it is of the utmost importance to bury negative press.

If you truly want to present your company in a professional manner and maintain a positive reputation then you must go out of your way to obtain the services of a company that can assist you in ridding the internet of such negative press and reviews. Otherwise you are likely to lose business to your biggest competitors thereby losing profits in the process.

Keith Mann Is Praised For His Entrepreneurial Success Of Raising Proceeds

The New York Post did a recent article on New York based entrepreneur and director of Dynamics Search Partners Keith Mann. Mann has been recognized with other members of financial services for raising a substantial amount of money. He raised over $200,000 dollars for the Uncommon charter school. His goal is to contribute o the future leaders of tomorrow and invest in their future. The funds were raised to assist the students in testing for the current school year. He works closely with low income students in preparation for college. Mann was the actual organizer of the fundraising event for Uncommon.

Often times, low income students don’t get the testing preparation and assistance they need for college. Keith Mann raises money for their preparation on perspective graduation. He proudly advocates for anyone interested in attending college. Keith Mann goes on to say that many minorities don’t finish college because they didn’t receive the proper preparation post high school, says the New York Post. He understands the importance of passing on practical skills that will help individuals at a college level and beyond. He has been highly regarded by the community for generously donated to the New York based charter school.

Keith Mann has been working for over 16 years as a superior expert in the executive search industry. Mann is the current CEO of DSP and runs the day to day management of the firm. He works with other firms across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He is quickly becoming a global success for international educational opportunities. He mandates well over 200+ clients each year and has a successful internal strategy that helps him build lasting professional relationships. He also has experience in the private equity industry. He continues to motivate students to want to attend college and he does active tours of Uncommon Charter School to monitor their success. He is well liked among his peers and many students across the globe for being an active contributor to the future success. Visit the official LinkedIn website profile for Keith Mann for more information.

How the IAP Worldwide Delivers Services to Its Clients

IAP Worldwide is a well-established company that is dedicated to the provision of administration of premises, sophisticated technical services, and international logistics services. The firm has currently hired more than 2000 well-trained experts that are distributed in various branches that are located 25 different countries. The business serves both public and private clients who it assists in solving complicated problems, which are mostly unpredictable occurrences such as natural calamities. IAP Worldwide Services as a company is highly experienced in offering its solutions and has the necessary skills to plan, manage, and carry out complicated logistical and practical undertakings. The firm controls, maintains, and operates military projects that have a size of a small city, amenities that are used by civilians, and research facilities that are movable. It is a leading distributor of technology, human resources, and administration programs for customers who contract it from different regions of the planet.

The company operates with the primary mission of offering solutions to the client’s complicated problems by using is ingenuity, reliable technology, and skills. IAP Worldwide Services perceives the customer’s goals as its own and commits itself to ensure that they are achieved. The firm is run by four major competencies that are crucial in ensuring that its mission is attained, and this are focus, agility, dedication, and capability. Various values are also used in managing its operations, and this includes having humanity and integrity, giving inspiring guidance, acting fast and responsibly, and the creation of affiliations that facilitate prosperity in affiliates, clients, and the society.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs in Virginia

The firm actively seeks for platforms through which it can make associations with suppliers and other organizations that share a common goal of assisting clients in solving their hitches. They have much faith in partnering with different types of institutions that can offer assistance in boosting the company’s value and it also appreciates the expertise and services that it provides to the to the customers. IAP Worldwide believes that the prosperity of an enterprise is not only based on the clients but also the society that surrounds it. The company is socially conscious and offers donations to various individuals and the community that is vital to its development.

IAP Worldwide hires professionals who have skills that can solve different problems. They combine skills and offers expertise, knowledge, and experience that makes an outstanding workforce. The company has various types of employment opportunities for professionals. It mostly hires experts in engineering, general management, logistics, accounting, finance and program management.

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Activist Thor Havlorssen Willing to Stand Up To Tyrants

The passion and dedication that inspires activists to work to change problems in the world often comes following a personal experience. Activist Thor Havlorssen is a bright example of just that, standing up to tyrants, governments and military officials around the world in defense of political prisoners. In this recent piece, the work that Halvorssen has done to shed light on the hundreds of issues and cases that political prisoners and protesters around the world are facing was noted. He has worked tirelessly, and within popular new media outlets in order to garner as much attention as possible.

Halvorssen created his Foundation, the Human Rights Foundation after his own parents faced political oppression in Venezuela. The half Venezuelan, half Norwegian Halvorssen based his foundation in New York City and has since dedicated his life to fighting for other individuals around the world. Along the way Thor has not only served as the Foundation’s founder, but he has fought on the ground, traveled the world to bring stories to the rest of the world, exposed corrupt politicians and met dissidents in all types of situations to be able to tell their stories.

As of right now, Thor Halvorssen and his foundation show no signs of stopping the work they do. After eleven years of bringing issues to the light, HRF has found its way through exposing those issues that are mostly ignored, but face off with some of the world’s most notorious dictators and oppressive governments. The types of cases that the foundation takes are ones that larger organizations with plenty of notoriety and funds ignore. Using the success of his group’s work, Thor now puts together a globally attended conference where the greatest human rights issues are addressed and mentor-ship happens in order to help those that are working in the field.

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